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    Aisling Gallagher
    June 24, 2024

    We had a great experience with Sydney who was a sibling doula for our son. Our son had never been cared for by anyone other than his parents so this was a huge change for him. Sydney was so kind and caring towards him and provided us with regular updates. Our son loved playing and interacting with her. She made sure he felt secure and safe and did an outstanding job with his care. Sydney even accommodated an extra night of support at short notice and was very flexible in supporting our family. She is a very responsible and caring doula. We highly recommend her to anyone using this service.

    Lorace Manalo
    June 23, 2024

    Agnes from Doulas By the Bay was a Godsend. I’m a second time mom and also a widow. This was my first time hiring any type of caregiver. I remember with my first child, taking care of a newborn during the nights was the hardest for me. My mom helped me out back then. Now five years later, I’m well into my 40s and my mom is getting older, I told myself I need to get some professional help for everyone’s sanity. Fortunately, I have benefits from work for postpartum care through Carrot. I reached out to DBB about a month before my daughter was born. It was cutting it close since doulas are usually booked months ahead. DBB was quick to respond and a consultation was setup within a couple days shortly followed by interviews with two doulas. Agnes took great care of my daughter. She came over the first night we were home from the hospital. I’m so glad she came over to take care of my baby the first night home. I was so exhausted from breastfeeding around the clock and looked forward to a couple hours of uninterrupted rest. I think the hours when Agnes was over helped me focus on rest and pumping which helped bring my milk supply up. Agnes brought my baby to me about every 2-3 hours to feed or provided a bottle. She did the best swaddles for my baby, changed her diapers, rocked her to sleep. I hardly heard my baby cry for the 6 weeks she was with us. There was a period when my baby refused breast feeding and preferred the bottle. Agnes said that it’s because I was making it too easy for my baby to feed from the bottle so she gave me tips on how to properly hold the bottle to make my baby work for the milk, similar to breast feeding. It worked and it saved me a trip to see a lactation consultant. Agnes is really good at pointing out anything on baby that’s concerning. For example in my case, my baby’s belly button didn’t look normal after the umbilical cord fell off and on another occasion, my baby’s congestion was getting bad. She suggested I see the doctor for both incidents. They were good calls because the doctor gave me next steps on treatment plans and gave me peace of mind on how to remedy the situation. Agnes also sent me a log on what time baby had breast milk and formula, how many ounces, when she changed diapers and if it was pee or poop. At the end of each shift, she helped me wash bottles and sanitize. We got along really well and we shared stories of our families. My 5 year old loved when she came over and was always excited to chat with her. Agnes truly helped me get through this newborn stage - I was less stressed, slept more which gave me more energy to tackle the day. We love Agnes and we highly recommend her!

    Angela Li Wang
    May 16, 2024

    Very happy with my experience with Doulas by the Bay and my doula Nataly! Highly recommend 🙂

    Michelle Hines
    May 6, 2024

    Wonderful company helped me with my baby I was able to get cleaning done, work stuff done, and rest. I highly appreciate there services.

    Anais Carpio
    April 9, 2024

    Where do I begin?! I am currently 3.5 months PP and still think about how helpful our doula was. We matched with Agnes as she helped us 4 nights a week for 6 weeks. I cannot express how patient, well informed and reliable she is. I honestly could have not picked anyone better and we were able to learn SO much from her. She answered my million questions and was so gentle with our little girl. Agnes truly became a part of our family and we cannot wait to have baby #2 so she can help us again! Most notably, we loved her honesty as becoming a first time parent can be difficult she always guided us. I think 3-4 nights a week is perfect as it allowed us to practice what she taught us on her off nights. Thank you so much Agnes!! We miss you!!

    Amanda Mu
    March 25, 2024

    I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Margaret Thaiya for her exceptional night time doula service. Since the arrival of our first baby, Margaret has been an absolute blessing to our family. As first-time parents, navigating the world of newborn care was daunting, but Margaret stepped in as our guiding light. Margaret’s support has been invaluable. Not only does she provide much-needed assistance during the night, allowing both my partner and I to rest, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge on baby care. She patiently teaches us everything from recognizing feeding cues to mastering the art of swaddling and ensuring optimal safety measures are in place for our little one. She also records meticulously about each feeding and diaper change during the night so that we can easily take the records and log into our trackings to monitor the baby’s progress and routine. Margaret’s warm demeanor and genuine care for our baby and family have made her an indispensable part of our journey into parenthood. I highly recommend Margaret for any families seeking compassionate and knowledgeable doula support. We are super grateful for her assistance and will undoubtedly turn to her service again in the future.

    Outstanding Doula Services!! "Doulas by the Bay" provided us with exceptional doula services, connecting us with two amazing doulas (Sydney and Ayugi) who offered invaluable day and night support. Their care, expertise, and warmth were transformative, helping us navigate parenthood with confidence. From establishing a sleep routine for our baby to providing emotional and practical support, soothing techniques, and much more, their impact was profound. I was struggling with breastfeeding and feeling confident as a new mom, the reassurance from my doulas and community have helped me so much. We're deeply grateful for the attentive service from the organization and the personalized care from our doulas. Highly recommend "Doulas by the Bay" to any new parents in the Bay Area looking for top-notch doula care.

    Lauryn Kulinski Lesher
    February 24, 2024

    I cannot recommend Doulas by the Bay and Esther I (our night doula) more highly. Before our baby came, I was unsure of whether or not we needed a night doula but heard from friends that it would be the best money we've ever spent. I can now confidently say that working with Esther and DBB is the best decision we've made so far postpartum and I cannot imagine the last 8 weeks without Esther by our side. Esther joined our family as soon as we came home from the hospital and has been instrumental in setting our family up for success. From her nursery visit before the baby came, to being there on our first night home together and helping us transition from breastfeeding only to introducing bottles and formula, Esther's help has been invaluable. By the time she finished her contract with us, our baby was starting to get several longer stretches at night, only waking once or twice (which is great for 8 weeks!). She is kind, calming, loving and beyond fantastic with our son. He recognized her when she arrived and was instantly soothed by her presence (as was I). I cannot emphasize enough how fortunate we were to have found Esther and I would work with her/DBB again in a heartbeat. We miss her already. I also found the DBB free resources/ trainings and Lactation Consultant (Brandi) to be incredibly helpful and a great perk of working with DBB.

    Daniel O'Neel
    February 23, 2024

    We were connected with Desola Amos as and I cannot recommend her highly enough. In addition to being reliable and flexible, Desola went above and beyond in caring for our newborn and in supporting us first time parents. I was personally hesitant to have someone I didn't know come into home at first, but from the first time we met her, Desola was a comforting presence. She was always warm, enthusiastic about our newborn, and proactively looks for ways to be helpful. She strikes a helpful balance of encouragement and also sharing lessons from her experience in a way that was understanding and constructive. We had read the sleep training classes & books, but Desola's practical tips & context were a much needed addition. She could point out potential pitfalls to look out for before they happened and had actionable suggestions when our newborn had trouble sleeping. Would highly recommend her to new parents- a wonderful doula and a wonderful woman.

    Michelle Aroko
    February 6, 2024

    Highly recommend for pp, birth and sibling doulas. The doulas are amazing. I’ve had a great experience working with dbb. The entire team is a dream in the birth world. So grateful for them all!

    Ana Tobkin
    November 18, 2023

    I had the pleasure of working with two post-partum day doulas through Doulas by the bay, Leah Hartog and Emily Pulsfus. Both were fantastic, and I am so grateful to have had them support me and my family during the first six weeks postapartum. Leah was my postpartum doula for the first three and a half weeks after the birth of my third child. She was warm, nurturing, and caring. It felt amazing to have someone so focused on the well being of myself and the baby. For example, she made sure I was well fed with whole some and nutritious lunches, and made tasty and healthy snack plates so I'd have something to eat in middle of the night while I was breast feeding. She always encouraged me to get the rest that I needed (especially as I was recovering from a c-section), and was so great with the baby! We also worked with Emily for about 2 weeks - she was equally amazing. She was incredible with the baby, and was always willing to pitch in and help to make our lives so much easier during the hectic days with a newborn and two toddlers.

    Kelsey Dunn
    November 3, 2023

    I cannot say enough good things about Doulas by the Bay, and specifically Raychel, our AMAZING postpartum doula. The entire process was done in an efficient and professional manner, from receiving initial package information to interviews to the actual postpartum care. It's clear that the entire DBB team are experts in their field and take great pride in their product. We immediately clicked with Raychel, and felt super comfortable with her integrating into our lives + our baby's life. Her knowledge, keen intuition, and kindness while she was caring for us was so appreciated, especially during a very vulnerable time. She taught us about caring for our little one, and offered options so we never felt like there was only one way to steer the ship. We are very grateful for Raychel and for all of her love + care. I would highly recommend DBB to any friend, family, or acquaintance.

    Kimberly Garcia
    August 18, 2023

    Our journey through pregnancy, induction, labor, and postpartum was made incredibly special and comforting, all thanks to the remarkable support provided by our doula, Pontsho Tsiane. From the very beginning, she enveloped us with tenderness and care, making our experience truly unforgettable. As first-time parents, my husband and I were navigating uncharted waters, and having Pontsho by our side was an absolute blessing. During the induction process, she was a calming presence, offering guidance and encouragement that helped ease our worries. Her expertise was evident as she walked us through each step, ensuring we were informed and empowered to make the best decisions for our family. What stood out most was Pontsho's genuine compassion. Her unwavering support and dedication went above and beyond our expectations. Throughout labor, she was a source of strength, providing comfort techniques and emotional reassurance that carried us through the toughest moments. Her presence allowed my husband and me to focus on each other and the new life we were bringing into the world. After the birth, Pontsho continued to demonstrate her remarkable commitment. She intuitively understood the importance of giving us time to rest and connect as a family. Her thoughtful visits provided us with the opportunity to recharge, knowing that our precious newborn was in capable hands. Her postpartum check-ins were a lifeline, offering guidance, reassurance, and a listening ear during those early weeks of parenthood. My husband and I can't thank Pontsho enough for her instrumental role in our journey. Her tenderness, care, and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark on our hearts. If you're seeking a doula who will support you with kindness, expertise, and genuine care, Pontsho is an absolute gem. Our gratitude knows no bounds, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone embarking on the beautiful journey of parenthood. I also had the opportunity to meet with Brandi for a lactation consultation beforehand. Her session was incredibly informative and helpful in understand the feeding journey and expectations. Her session is informative without being overwhelming and provides you with all the information you need.

    Justin Gorrell
    August 10, 2023

    I cannot recommend DBB more highly! We used them to find an outstanding postpartum doula who spent 18 nights with us over ~6 weeks. DBB was super communicative throughout the process and provided us several doulas for us to interview with. We settled on Cassilde who could not have been more amazing and became one of our family over those early week of our son's life. She provided my wife and I invaluable overnight relief and insights into how to handle our son and his early development. Additionally, DBB provided outstanding resources on birthing and the early life of our child.

    Hiral Shah
    June 13, 2023

    This review is for Desola, a night doula with Doulas by the Bay. The agency is really great at lining up doulas, after speaking to a few I immediately connected with Desola. She was so nurturing and caring right from the beginning even before I signed up. Once our baby came, she was simply amazing...I don't know how she does it staying up all night and giving care and love to a newborn baby. She was flexible about the days and we did not have to schedule ahead of time, some days if I needed a few extra hours, she would be there for me. As a recovering mom with another toddler in the house, having Desola was the perfect thing. My husband did not need to help much and got his sleep which helped made our days much better. Additionally she went above and beyond to take care of not just baby but us, be it rock and hold the baby for hours so mom could get sleep or helping cut some fruits so mom is well fed while breastfeeding. She also acted as a great support if the days were going harder. I have recommended her to friends now and they all love her. Please ask for Desola when you talk to the agency 🙂

    Krisztina Lazar
    June 12, 2023

    I worked with Genevieve as my postpartum doula and she was absolutely incredible. She was amazing with my baby, was super knowledgeable about every question i could think of asking her and was an incredibly huge help to me when she was with us. I cannot recommend her enough. Doulas by the bay is a great company, easy to work with and even better that they have women like Genevieve in their ranks.

    Kelly Peters
    June 6, 2023

    Words can't express our gratitude for having Esther by our side for the first 12 weeks of our baby's life. Esther was absolutely amazing and we couldn't have asked for anything better in a night doula. Esther is patient, kind, knowledgeable, loving, and has a good sense of humor. Her years of experience as a mother and breastfeeding helped earn my trust quickly to take care of my baby during a very new and delicate time. Thank you Esther for all that you do. Any family would be lucky to have her.

    Stefanie Bassler
    June 6, 2023

    I absolutely loved my time working with Damaris and Martha. As a new mom, they were very supportive in teaching me about motherhood (how to use my breast pumps, different feeding positions, if a certain behavior is normal, etc.). They both were very nurturing to me during a time that was new and scary and for that I will always be grateful! I highly recommend working with them.

    S N
    June 5, 2023

    Doulas by the Bay helped me create an amazing home birth experience! It was a completely restorative, supportive, loving experience. I delivered (successful VBAC) my beautiful 8lb 9oz baby boy in a calm environment where I felt empowered and in control. I highly recommend Doulas by the Bay. My Doulas were Samsarah and Priscilla and they were my dream team!! I can't rave enough about Brandi, my lactation coach from Doulas by the Bay. She really helped me with overcoming breastfeeding challenges in a way that made me feel good about myself. If you need/ desire lactation support, do not hesitate to hire Brandi. She's absolutely amazing!

    Lexy Savvides
    March 21, 2023

    This is a review for doula Leah. She has been the most amazing support we could have asked for in the first two months navigating parenthood. Her calm demeanour and wealth of experience in everything from lactation to baby care is second to none. She taught us so much as first time parents: everything from the best way to soothe a fussy baby; how to deal with the dreaded diaper rash; even using baby signs! Her guidance and hands-on help have made all the difference to our journey.

    Natalie Nelkin
    March 12, 2023

    Overall we are very happy with Doulas By The Bay and the services we received. Definitely recommend! We hired a night doula, Bose to help us with our 1st child. She was great with the baby. He grew very fond of her. She also helped me figure out nursing techniques, answered my new mom questions, and was a caring support person for me (helping with laundry, nighttime snacks, etc.). We looked forward to the nights she was with us. I also worked with Brandi for lactation support. She met with me before the baby came and was an ongoing support throughout nursing. She made a home visit during the first couple of weeks and was on call via email and phone for any additional support/questions. I had a ton of nursing and pumping questions and she patiently answered them all. She helped my nursing journey get off to a great start. Thank you DBTB! So glad we found you.

    Jenna Mukuno
    March 8, 2023

    We have had a really positive experience working with Bose for postpartum nighttime support for our daughter. From the interview process to welcoming her to our home, Bose has been very prompt, professional, and invested in caring for our daughter. Bose was quickly able to get our daughter acclimated to her crib and into a sleep routine (5-hour stretches, yay!) as a newborn. My husband and I were able to get abundant sleep while feeling secure that our daughter was getting the best care. We also feel like we have a solid sleep/feed foundation so that when our contract is up and we return to work, we can easily transition to full-time night care ourselves. I would recommend Bose to anyone seeking a doula, especially those with newborns and premise.

    dan bress
    January 18, 2023

    We had Damaris caring for our baby for 3 blissful months, 3 times a week. It was amazing! She was enthusiastic, kind and very reliable. She always showed up 10 minutes early and genuinely seemed to care about our baby. She helped us at the 4 month mark teach our baby how to sleep through the night. Could not recommend Damaris more highly!! You would not regret having her help at night. Also we were very Covid careful and she was as well. She always wore a mask in our home. Doulas by the Bay was also great about checking in to make sure things were going smoothly. And they provided several people to interview so that we could find the right fit for us. We are so happy we picked Damaris but all the options seemed good.

    Sana Arain
    January 17, 2023

    I had a fantastic time working with Doulas by the Bay and absolutely loved my experience with our night doula, Desola Amos -- Desola was instrumental in our baby's first milestones and I'd highly recommend working with her as she's extremely caring and reliable. DBB introduced me to three doulas and I immediately felt a strong connection with Desola. She was amazing throughout the care process, including prior to giving birth, during the birth, and for postpartum support. For example, Desola regularly and proactively checked-in with me in the weeks leading up to birth, providing helpful stretches and techniques for relaxation. Post-partum, she showed great care not only for the baby once he was born, but for all family members, including checking-in with our elder son on how he was adjusting to being a new brother -- we thought her approach was very considerate and another example of how she always went above and beyond. Desola brought solid experience and expertise in newborn/infant care and provided various levels of support: this ranged from providing guidance on breastfeeding/pumping, helping me navigate postpartum challenges, training our baby to sleep, and establishing a schedule for sleeping with our baby. She always brought high-energy, a positive demeanor, and demonstrated genuine care for our baby -- she provided us with comfort that she was fully invested in detecting and monitoring our baby's cues for feedings, sleep, and any discomfort (e.g., reflux). Finally, Desola not only provided exceptional care for our son, but also helped us with bottle prep, laundry, and other care items for our boy -- this saved us a lot of time. We are grateful to Desola for helping us peacefully sleep at night and would highly recommend her as anyone would be beyond lucky to have her support!

    Amelia Petrovic
    January 15, 2023

    In advance of the birth of our second son, we knew we would need some extra support and sought out Doulas by the Bay for part-time night and day support in the first few months of his life. This was one of the best decisions and made all the difference in easing the transition from 1 to 2 children and reducing stress for me and my husband. We got to know a few different doulas very well so I'll take this opportunity to sing their praises individually: - Genevieve helped us out a few days a week for the first couple of months and she is an absolute pro baby whisperer angel helper. We were so sad when it was her last day, every time she came over we breathed a sigh of relief. She had so much wisdom to impart about baby development, feeding, napping, etc. She helped us troubleshoot issues, helped get our baby to take long naps in his Snoo, and generally was a kind listening ear for a tired, somewhat anxious new mom of two. When baby was sleeping she anticipated so many of our needs whether it was folding laundry, organizing pump parts, helping out sometimes with our toddler (who also loved her). I cannot recommend her enough, she has the best gentle kind energy and is SO amazing, reliable and hard-working at her job. Thank you thank you Genevieve! - Rufina helped us with night support for the first few months and is also amazing. Similar to the above, whenever Rufina arrived we were so happy. She has a kind, warm energy and took such great care of our baby during the nights - making sure he was warm, fed, and happy. She is steady, reliable, and has a quiet, calm confidence that makes her perfect for this work. We would highly recommend her to anyone. - Damaris - we only had her for a few days but she had the same great energy and loving care that we experienced with the other doulas. Highly recommend all of them! Doulas by the Bay is a great service that takes the guesswork out of finding help when you can least afford to be spending time endlessly researching and reference checking. I felt a lot of confidence and peace of mind using their services and highly recommend to any postpartum mama or family wanting extra support -- it is so worth it.

    Lauren Jackson
    January 1, 2023

    As a first time mom I was very nervous regarding labor as well as the entire pregnancy experience. My amazing doula Coral Jeanne Smith was instrumental in providing emotional support as well as recommendations for everything from nutrition to exercises to turn a sub-optimally positioned baby. Coral is well versed in Hypnobirthing, Spinning Babies, massage, and other nonpharmacological interventions that contribute to a more comfortable birthing experience. Coral is supportive and nonjudgmental. She makes recommendations, but does not push an agenda onto her clients. Thanks to Coral's calm presence and advocacy, I was able to cope with the stages of active labor, transition, and ultimately safely pushing out a sunny side up baby, which can be challenging to say the least! The transition from pregnancy to postpartum has been tough due to sleep deprivation, but Coral has provided consistent guidance and reassurance with breastfeeding and other aspects of newborn care.

    Elisabeth Carr
    November 20, 2022

    Munira was our night doula for three months and boy is she a treasure! Before our son was born, we were on the fence about hiring a doula. But from the very first night that Munira spent with us, we knew it was the right decision. Her warm, kind and calm personality made it easy to welcome her into our home and trust her with our son. As new parents, we were anxious and exhausted. Munira taught us so much about caring for a newborn and gave us expert advice on things like nursing, bathing, swaddling, bottle feeding and diapering. Her guidance was exactly what we needed and we quickly became more at ease and confident with her help. Our baby was especially gassy during the first couple of months and the massages Munira gave him were the only thing that comforted him. She also took the time to teach my husband and I how to massage him. Munira allowed us and our son to get more and more sleep with each passing week. Our baby became a great sleeper, and at 3 months he was already sleeping up to nine hours a night. Any family who gets to work with Munira will be very, very lucky!

    Amy Cagulada Sandberg
    November 13, 2022

    A great experience from start to finish: Shakila listened to my needs, gave me the opportunity to interview several doulas, and made payments and contracts extremely easy to complete. We chose Maria Rivera as our birth and postpartum doula, whose expert, nonjudgmental, holistic and caring support before, during, and after labor has felt crucial to our positive birth and postpartum experience. Can't sing high enough praises for our experience with DBB and Maria!

    Basil Chidi
    November 12, 2022

    Shakila is worth her weight in gold! Shakila has the most calm and sweet demeanor and walked us through every question we had as first time parents. Shakila has our son sleeping through the night in 2 1/2 months and continued to give us support through some of the tough months after her assignment was over. Our first months of being new Dads were better than we could have imagined. Our son is now 15 months old and has been taught to self soothe and continues to sleep through the night because of Shakila. The education and peace of mind that has come from having in our home is priceless. I can't say enough good about Shakila and her group!

    Aarthi Gunnupuri
    November 1, 2022

    I was looking for a sibling doula and reached out to Doulas By the Bay just a month before my due date. It's strange I found them so late, given that I had spent several months looking for.a birth and postpartum doula as well. Shakila was super responsive and I had a great initial consultation with her. Around the same time I had found a few nannies and sitters that were willing to commit to being a sibling doula to my son but I felt more comfortable going with DDB as I felt I could depend on them and wouldn't be left in the lurch last minute. As it happened, Shakila quickly lined up 4 excellent choices for me. Our sibling doula arrived for a couple of play dates with my son and showed up promptly at 1.30 a.m. the morning my labor began. When we had a small hitch in the weeks preceding my labor, Shakila was able to offer a solution that made our lives at a stressful time so much easier. So glad I found and chose DDB and I highly recommend them. It's a collective with many doulas, there may be an occasional mismatch but know that you're working with an honest and reliable backend team led by Shakila.

    Jessica Williams
    July 5, 2022

    Coral was our postpartum doula - life-changing! She has a positive, energetic take charge nature channeled towards helping you reach your birth/parenting goals. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge of breastfeeding and all things baby. She focuses not only on the baby, but everything to make mom happy and successful. She's great!

    Ruchi Thiru
    June 28, 2022

    In June 2018 we finished 8 weeks of working with Munira for our second son. We didn't have a night doula for our first son, and WOW, what a difference! We feel so lucky to have had Munira's support; she truly has a gift with babies. She has a calm, reassuring energy and was so gentle and loving with our son. She would even ask about our toddler and his adjustment to the baby. Munira knows everything about baby sleep and how to deal with the baby's gas, including infant massage. Even as second time parents we learned so much from her. Within the first 2-3 weeks she had our baby on a schedule that it took us months to get with our first son. If you are debating whether you can afford a night doula (I did, and I read all the reviews!), consider it a long-term investment with several benefits: (1) Not to state the obvious, but you will get more sleep!! I looked forward to the nights Munira was coming knowing that I would get some precious sleep. For us she started feeding one bottle of pumped milk when the baby was 2.5 weeks old, so I was able to sleep a 5-6 hour stretch before needing to breastfeed him. Feedings were also shorter for me because she handled diaper changes, burping, and putting the baby back to sleep. (2) If you are breastfeeding, getting more sleep will help your milk supply (oh the irony!). (3) Munira will get your baby on a healthy sleep schedule that would take you much longer to establish on your own. She observes the baby, understands cues, and knows when the baby actually needs to feed vs. when they're just uncomfortable or struggling with gas. This means you're not feeding the baby at every cry, and they will naturally start to sleep longer stretches between feeds. In short, she is a baby whisperer! This early sleep schedule translates to more sleep for you long after you're done working together. (4) Getting a few nights of solid sleep per week also meant that I could be more present on our nights alone with the baby, so I was better able to read his cues and follow our routine/plan. Overall I feel like I was able to enjoy this newborn time much more than my first because I wasn't a sleep-deprived zombie! We are endlessly grateful to have worked with Munira during this time.

    Valerie Block
    June 27, 2022

    As first time parents we really knew nothing about new borns and what to do - Onanga from doulas-by-the-bay was OUTSTANDING! She was always very punctual, always washed her hands on entering the home and wore a mask at all times. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and so sweet with the baby- it made her fit into the family in a way that makes us still miss her months later! She was a bright and a wonderful happy energy in our new sons life. She helped us with all questions, silly and serious - and was not afraid to say "I don't know, I'll get back to you". Which I respect immensely. Very happy to talk or email for anyone looking for a recommendation.

    Wei Chen
    June 27, 2022

    I was very lucky to have Andrea as my postpartum doula since day 1 I brought my baby home. She was right there providing all the support (emotional, physical, and psychological) my husband and I needed. She was professional, patient, caring, knowledgeable during the entire time. She was able to answer all my questions, show me how to properly do things, and was open-minded to try different things with my baby. Overall, we have had a very positive and easy experience with her as well as the agent. I highly recommend the service and the agent to all the new parents who want to have a smooth transition and want to know the individualized way to care for their baby. Thank you Andrea and all the people I worked with from Doulas by the Bay 🙂

    Claire Tapia
    June 26, 2022

    We recently worked with Rachel as our postpartum night doula and had a great experience. We used her for four nights over the first few weeks postpartum, and it was so nice to have the extra help so that we could get some sleep. She was very professional and communicative, but also warm and a pleasure to be around. Even though we didn't work with her for very long, she seemed truly invested with us and was a great help as we navigated the early days of breastfeeding and newborn sleep. We highly recommend Doulas by the Bay!

    Marie Hew
    June 26, 2022

    Where do I even begin to express my gratitude and love for Munira? She deserves SIX stars. She helped us SOOOOO much to get our twin babies started off right. Munira lovingly refers to our babes as little angels, but the truth is that SHE is the true angel who randomly fell upon our laps. If we had the means, I would hire Munira for the babies' entire first year of life. She is the embodiment of LOVE and shared her full heart with not only our babies, but extended that same sentiment to me and my husband. I enjoyed our early morning conversations and end-of-shift reports. It's been a month since she finished her contract with us and she appreciates getting updates about our babies. She has been very generous with her time and I can continue to count of her for sage advice. I feel as if Munira really is a second mother to my little babies. Munira is an EXTRAORDINARY baby whisperer and experienced caregiver. She always knew the answer for infant developmental issues, along with my own postpartum recovery concerns.

    Cassandra Shouger
    May 18, 2022

    I must admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about having someone in my home with the most precious thing to me. I thought "I can handle it, I want to do it all as a mom." My husband convinced me that I'll be a better mom if I get some much-needed rest in between feedings. Having Shakila's help for the first 3+ months of our son's life was one of the best decisions we've made as parents thus far. She started with us the first day we came home from the hospital and was our night doula for months. She is amazing with babies, helped me get used to nursing (positioning, latching, etc), and got my son sleeping through the night. He is turning 1 tomorrow and is a great sleeper. As a first time mom, she gave me so much brilliant advice and made adjusting to our new life so much easier. She's super reliable and overall an incredible woman. There aren't enough words to describe how valuable she has been to me and my family.

    Michelle Hill
    May 15, 2022

    We were recommended Doulas by the Bay by friends that had had a great experience with the company and they lived up to every expectation. Shakila was our night doula 3 nights a week for ~5 weeks and she did a wonderful job helping us get as much sleep as possible on the nights she was here and helped our little man stretch his night time sleep longer over the weeks. She is so sweet, kind and caring and our bub was always so happy to see her when she came to our house. She was also fantastic at providing advice when we had questions, was very COVID conscious and cautious and we always felt 100% happy and safe to have her helping with our son. Cannot recommend enough.

    Alissa Axelson
    May 12, 2022

    We can't begin to explain how grateful we were to have Desola Amos as our birth doula. During the whole experience she genuinely cared for all our needs and supported our birth preferences 100%. Before the birth she provided resources that were extremely valuable to help us prepare. During labor she helped me move through early and active labor so smoothly that I was ready to push before I knew it. She was instrumental at helping me stay calm and find a position that was the most comfortable while also encouraging the baby to come down. After the baby was born she was in constant contact with us and came over to support us on very short notice. Our whole birth experience was so positive and we can't thank her enough! We're also thankful to Doulas by the Bay for connecting us and for the great communication throughout the whole process!

    Ritu Vincent
    May 7, 2022

    Yana was our birth doula and Shakila helped us with our newborn for three months in the fall of 2017 - they're both amazing and we loved working with them. I wasn't entirely sure if I really needed a birth doula but I'm SO glad I had Yana at the hospital. I was in labor for ages and she was always there when I needed anything, making sure I was hydrated and comfortable. She also brought a bunch of useful supplies with her (honey sticks, aromatherapy oils, etc), and then came by with a bag of very thoughtful gifts a week after delivery. I can't imagine surviving without Shakila that first month after bringing our daughter home. We had a lot of trouble getting started with breastfeeding, and if it hadn't been for Shakila, I might have given up. She was warm and caring, had a ton of really helpful knowledge, and was a pillar of sanity in our home. And she totally has a magic touch with babies. Two and a half years later, in the summer of 2020, we called Shakila again to help with our second - it was in the early days of the pandemic, we were sheltering in place and had no other help, and Shakila was a lifesaver again. I'm extremely grateful for the help from Doulas by the Bay - I'm a better parent because of everything I learned while working with them.

    Laura Eliasieh
    May 6, 2022

    My husband and I had an amazing experience working with Jessalyn Ballerano as our birth doula. From the first interview, it was clear she is a wonderful communicator who takes time to listen and respond to you and who finds great joy in the service aspects of doula work. Jessalyn provided us with comprehensive education on labor and delivery and some education about the postpartum time as well. Her services are personal, reliable, and inspired. We hope to continue our friendship with her as our baby grows.

    Lindsay Gartland
    May 5, 2022

    Rachel helped us out immensely with our son for a few of the early months when no one was sleeping. She immediately put us at ease and I had no reservations leaving our baby in her care overnight. She was always on time, extremely professional, great with our baby, and very kind. She left detailed notes on how the night went and always replied quickly via text if I had any questions the next day. She also helped us implement strategies to help him begin to sleep longer stretches. We really looked forward to the nights she would come. DOULAS by the BAY is very easy to work with in general and I definitely recommend them!

    Prerna Gupta
    May 3, 2022

    Munira is, simply put, the best of the best. She is truly a baby whisperer, with an incredible intuition and feel for what a baby needs, combined with decades of experience caring for newborns. She is so loving, warm and calm, and she is also a consummate professional. She loves babies, she loves her work as a doula, and she gives it her all. I will be forever grateful for the love and care she gave our baby boy during the first three months of his life, and also for everything she taught me as a first-time mother. Here are just a few of the wonderful things Munira did for us: Baby Massage & Bathing: Munira is amazing at baby massage and baby baths, which were very calming to our son, and also helped immensely with his gas. Breastfeeding Advice: She coached me on breastfeeding, which was invaluable and really helped me get his feeding off to a great start. She's better than a lactation consultant, because she was able to look at what I was doing every time I fed, and give me little pointers for adjustment, night after night, until both baby and I figured it out. Sleep Training: Munira did an incredible job sleep training our baby. She was able to sleep train him naturally, without us having to leave him crying (which would have been heartbreaking for me). He didn't cry even one night. It was just this magical, gradual progression of him sleeping through the night. And now, at three months, he's sleeping 8-9 hour stretches continuously. It's like magic! Organization: Munira also kept our nursery well-organized and clean, did the laundry, and recommended the right products for us to buy (and what not to buy so we don't waste our money on things we don't need) as our baby progressed through various stages. I cannot say enough good things about Munira. She is like an angel who blessed our baby's first days of life. She was so in-tune with what our baby needed at each stage, and she kept him happy and healthy. She was a wise, comforting presence in our house during the "fourth trimester", and I cannot imagine having done this without her. We are sad our time with her is coming to an end. Our son loves her and will miss her very much!

    Annie Ma-Weaver
    May 3, 2022

    Margaret was our night doula for 8 weeks after our daughter was born and we were very fortunate to have her with us. As first-time parents, we benefited greatly from her experience and calm presence. She taught us tips that we use regularly (e.g. dream feeding, sponge bathing on our changing table) and recommended several products that we are very glad to have on hand (e.g. blackout curtains, a lightweight pacifier that our daughter preferred over the first one I chose). Our daughter thrived under her care - we even got a kudos from our pediatrician on her weight gain and overall health at our 1-month wellness visit! - and we felt much more confident in our parenting abilities thanks to Margaret's advice and support. We strongly recommend Margaret if you're considering a night doula - any family and newborn would be lucky to have her!

    Allison Graff
    May 2, 2022

    Shakila helped us sleep train our six month old baby back in April 2019. She was wonderful to work with and her methods are very effective! Our son sleeps like a rock through the night. She collaborated with us to provide a customized schedule that worked for us and was easy to follow. She was always available to answer any questions. I also appreciated how she followed up with me every day in the 1-2 weeks after training. I would highly recommend her services!

    We had the pleasure of having Shakila help us during our first couple of weeks with our second daughter. Shakila is wonderful with babies and helped us get into a great nighttime sleep routine that set us up for success moving forward. There was so much we forgot between kiddos. Can't recommend working with Shakila and Doulas by the Bay enough!

    This is a long overdue post but so merited. When we were expecting our first child, I scoffed at the idea of a night nurse. I wasn't convinced that we needed one, particularly since I would need to wake up to nurse the baby anyway. Boy, was I wrong! We tried to do it on our own but it was more difficult than we could have imagined due to our first having gas/GI issues. Three weeks in, we decided to give it a try. We interviewed Shakila and decided to go with her and her team at Doulas by the Bay. We were fortunate enough to have Shakila and her mother, Ezdora, work with us. Everything happened right away - at their suggestion, we got into creating/following routines and I was amazed by how quickly we started making progress. Shakila and Ezdora meticulously recorded feeds, waking/sleeping times, diaper changes and general notes each night. It wasn't always a linear path but I was happy with how they easily adapted the game plan to anything that came up including illnesses, developmental milestones and regressions. It didn't just feel like we had someone to care for our newborn during the night but that we had newfound partners (who happened to be baby experts) to help guide us as new parents. I was able to call/text Shakila about any issues that came up during the day and Shakila even brought Munira (another doula) one afternoon to give our son a massage for his gas - and it worked! So, naturally, when we were expecting our second, we didn't think twice about it. Although Shakila was already booked, we were ecstatic that Ezdora was still available. Admittedly, our second baby was easier in some ways so we made progress in leaps and bounds. Like Shakila before, Ezdora was available for any questions I had. She had spent so much time with us, she felt like family. I cried on her last day with us and we still keep in touch. I know that hiring this service is a luxury but, if it's something you are considering, I would not hesitate to recommend Shakila and Ezdora. No baby is the same and, besides each having a wealth of experience, they are both so loving and nurturing. Not to mention, both of my children are GREAT sleepers and I wholeheartedly credit this to the work of these two amazing women.

    Jenny Zhao
    May 2, 2022

    We are very lucky to have worked with Hannah during a challenging period with our second baby. He was a fussy sleeper from the start, and when things hadn't gotten much better by two months, we knew we needed help. Hannah was warm and caring, always arriving with a smile on her face. She took excellent care of our baby and allowed us to get a full night of sleep, which was critical especially as I was returning to work. By the end of her time with us, our baby had dropped to one nighttime feeding and was sleeping much better. I would recommend Doulas by the Bay and Hannah without hesitation.

    Erin Hughes
    May 1, 2022

    We felt so lucky to work with both Sima and Rachel after our newborn baby was born! Before birth, we went back and forth on whether we thought hiring a postpartum doula would be worth the investment, and we are SO glad we did! Both Sima & Rachel were a wonderful, calming presence in an otherwise chaotic time, and made the transition home from the hospital SO much easier. Both were so sweet with the baby, and took all effort off of me other than feeding. I got far more sleep than I would have otherwise, but a surprise benefit was it also enabled my husband to get a full night's sleep so he felt entirely well-rested and even better able to help during the daytime. Sima & Rachel gave great advice for any questions or concerns we had on how the baby was doing during the day, tips on what they found was working well (and not working) to soothe our daughter, as well as give me recommendations for any add'l helpful supplies I didn't know about. They were able to help with the baby chores so everything was nice and organized when we got up in the morning. My only feedback on the service overall was that the email responsiveness of the main doulas email was often very slow. In fact, we were worried whether anyone would be there the first night we got home from the hospital as we had a hard time reaching anyone to confirm the baby was here and we were ready to start. However, both Rachel & Sima were always immediately available once we had their numbers to contact them directly.

    Kai Chan
    May 1, 2022

    When I became pregnant, my parent friends told me that having a night doula for my newborn is a MUST and I couldn't agree more! A friend of mine highly recommended Doulas by the Bay. After speaking with a few other night doulas that were referred by friends, I decided to go with Doulas by the Bay because I felt that they were more professional and met me for an in-person interview (vs. others Facetiming from their cars). Shakila was our night doula and she is amazing. She has many years of experience and gave a lot of helpful advice for our newborn, including breastfeeding, sleeping/feeding schedules, sleep gear, etc. Shakila has the magic touch with babies and I love the way she took care of my baby in the most tender way. My husband and I are sad that our time with her is coming to an end. We will definitely be using Doulas by the Bay again if we have more children!

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    How To Move Your Body During Labor

    (Live-Zoom Class, 2.5 hours)

    • ✓ To Prevent tear, decrease risk of surgery and to shorten your labor
    • ✓ To Develop skills to support effective positioning for labor progress
    • ✓ To Support the baby’s descent and rotation through appropriate movement in medicated and unmedicated births
    • ✓ How to change space in your pelvis with simple movements
    • ✓ Explore the baby’s role in labor progress
    • ✓ Develop skills for working with your baby in labor
    • ✓ Practice positions that keep you in control and improve birth outcomes
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    How To Move Your Body During Labor Class
    Childbirth Education Class

    Preparing for a Cesarean Birth

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    • ✓ The most common reasons for surgical birth
    • ✓ Advantages and disadvantages of cesarean birth and mitigating risk
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    • ✓ What active support from the birth partner can look like before, during, and after
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