Planning your Birth Preferences?

At Doulas By The Bay, we believe in empowering expecting parents like you with the tools and support you need for a confident and informed birth experience.

    What is a Birth Plan?

    A birth plan is your voice, your preferences, and what matters most to you during the birth of your baby. It serves as a powerful communication tool, ensuring that your medical team understands your desires and priorities. And this is what you need to consider:


    • This birth guide provides you with valuable insight into the possibilities and questions to ask, ensuring an experience that is as stress-free as possible.
    • Your birth plan is a flexible tool that can be updated and adjusted to bring you comfort and peace of mind. By considering all possibilities, even the unexpected, and keeping an open mind, you can prioritize the health and wellbeing of both you and your baby.
    • While you can’t control every aspect of your baby’s birth, it’s important to include anything you want your medical team to know on your birth plan. Taking the time to educate yourself on birth and the available choices allows you to make informed decisions about the care you wish to receive.
    Expecting parents standing next to crib
    Expecting parents standing next to crib

    Why You Need to Identify Your Preferences?

    The birth of your baby is a transformative experience, allowing you to discover new facets of yourself. As this is not part of your everyday routine, it gives you the opportunity to explore and communicate your preferences to professionals who will be there to support you.

    In an uncertain situation like childbirth, knowledge is invaluable. By identifying your preferences beforehand, you can have a sense of control and actively participate in your birthing journey decisions. This way, your support people can communicate your desires while you focus on what truly matters—the birth of your baby.

    What’s Inside Doulas by the Bay Birth Preferences Guide?

    When you download our free Birth Preferences Checklist/Guide, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive resource that covers various aspects of your birth experience, such as:

    • The identification of your support team, ensuring you have the right people by your side.
    • Preferences for the atmosphere during labor and the individuals you want to have with you, creating a soothing and supportive environment.
    • Choices for medical options, allowing you to make informed decisions about interventions, pain management, and more.A baby care plan, ensuring your little one receives the care that aligns with your wishes.
    • Preferences for nursery and rooming in, providing you with options that best suit your bonding and recovery goals.
    • Preferences for recovery, allowing you to tailor your postpartum experience to your needs and desires.
    Childbirth Education Class
    At Doulas By The Bay, our experienced Birth Doulas are committed to evidence-based practices and providing unwavering support throughout your birthing journey. We offer insightful lessons, evidence-based information, mindfulness practices, movement, and hands-on coping techniques to empower you with the skills, wisdom, and confidence required for an empowered birth.

    We focus on your unique journey to bringing a healthy and happy baby into the world, regardless of the path you take.
    Ready to start building your wish list on how you want it to be your birth experience?

    About Us

    DOULAS by the BAY is a collective of Birth and Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Specialists who are dedicated to supporting families before, during and immediately after the birth of their baby. We accept the following payments: HSA/FSA, Insurance, Fertility Payments (Carrot, etc.)


    Vision Statement

    Doulas By The Bay’s vision is to offer exceptional doula services to families, while also empowering them with knowledge through the provision of evidence-based educational resources. Our aim is to help families feel confident throughout their pregnancy journey, postpartum journey, and beyond.